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World of Warcraft



If you are looking for World of Warcraft stats to embed into your Twitch, Mixer/Lightstream, Youtube or really any streaming service out there, you've come to the right place.

Show off your Current Raid Progression, what your Deaths from fire and lava count is, how many Rated battlegrounds you've won or just plain how many Achievement Points and Mounts you have.

Look in the details below to find out exactly what we can offer.

About the API

The data updates when you log off from the game. After log off we have the data after about 5-10 minutes.


  • Current Raid Progression
  • All Time Raid Progress
  • PVP: Arena
  • PVP: Battlegrounds
  • PVP: Arena & Battlegrounds
  • PVE: Stats
  • PVE: All the things!

Fading Labels

  • PVP: Arena
  • PVP: Battlegrounds
  • PVE: Stats


  • Item Level
  • Achievement Points
  • Mounts Collected
  • Battle Pets Collected
  • Factions at Exalted
  • Quests completed
  • Daily quests completed
  • Epic items acquired
  • Deaths in Dungeons
  • Deaths in Heroic Dungeons
  • Deaths in Raids
  • Deaths from drowning
  • Deaths from fatigue
  • Deaths from falling
  • Deaths from fire and lava
  • Greed rolls made on loot
  • Need rolls made on loot
  • Largest hit dealt
  • Total damage done
  • Largest heal cast
  • Total healing done
  • Creatures killed
  • Critters killed


  • Arenas Played
  • Arenas Won
  • 5v5 Matches
  • 5v5 Won
  • Highest 5v5 Personal Rating
  • Highest 5v5 Team Rating
  • 5v5 Killing Blows
  • 5v5 Deaths
  • 3v3 Matches
  • 3v3 Won
  • Highest 3v3 Personal Rating
  • Highest 3v3 Team Rating
  • 3v3 Killing Blows
  • 3v3 Deaths
  • 2v2 Matches
  • 2v2 Won
  • Highest 2v2 Personal Rating
  • Highest 2v2 Team rating
  • 2v2 Killing Blows
  • 2v2 Deaths
  • Battlegrounds Played
  • Battlegrounds Won
  • Rated battlegrounds Played
  • Rated battlegrounds Won
  • Duels Won
  • Duels Lost
  • Deaths to other Players