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What is Premium?

Every user gets access to the data we gather for every game in a standard look & feel - we set a color scheme for each game.
If you choose to extend your account status to a premium level you will get the ability to make graphical changes to how you present the data.

What do I get without premium?

Access to: All your gathered game statistic in the default design we made for each game.

And with Premium?

You can:
  • 1. rearrange or remove data - show what you want and how you want it.
  • 2. modify the look and feel of labels/scrollbars to your own taste.
  • 3. turn Stream Game Label branding on/off

Where does the money go?

All the money goes straight back into maintaining the service and buying the games/hardware needed to supply you with stats from as many sources as possible.

And what will this cost me?

The longer you subscribe, the less you pay.
Every new account can start a 30 day Trial of Premium once at any time of their choosing!
We will have each new game on a limited premium period while we work out any and all bugs.

1 Month$4 USD + tax
3 Months$10 USD + tax - Save $2
6 Months$19 USD + tax - Save $5
1 Year$35 USD - Save $13 (will be available at a later date)

Go to Account Settings to buy/extend Premium

* If a game developer stops servicing an API then we of course can no longer serve that games statistics.